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    Winan Hospital clinics Lagos,

    At Winan Hospital LAgos, we have a team and network of physicians, including specialists and general practitioners. We have scheduled our clinic days to be convenient for your attendance.

    Different clinic days have different activities, including checking of vital signs, key investigations and doctor consultations.

    Antenatal Clinics have been designed to include health education and awareness for all our pregnant mothers followed by a time of exercise, before doctors visits. Number of visits have been scheduled to follow the WHO antenatal model, so as to cater to the well fare of you and your developing baby. We also have a community of expectant mothers, to share experiences which will help to ease out anxieties.

    At Winan Hospital Lagos, we are keen on the well fare of every child, so we have set up two clinics, one for immunizations and the other for the check up and treatment of children. Every child deserves good health care, so we have set up our hospital to cater for the health of every child at an affordable rate.

    Adult care is not left out. At Winan Hospital Lagos, we have setup our specialty clinics with visiting consultants.

    What are you waiting for? Feel free to drop in and get checked up.

    Winan Hospital Lagos Clinic & Departmental Schedule

    • General Out-patient Clinic

      Mon -Sun 00:00 - 24:00

    • Immunizations

      Tue & Thur 10:00am

    • General Surgery

      Mon -Fri 09:00am -04:00pm

    • Infant & Child Welfare

      Tue & Thur 09:00am -04:00pm

    • Accidents & Emergencies

      Mon -Sun 00:00 - 24:00

    • Antenatal Clinic

      Wed & Sat 09:00am

    • Internal Medicine

      Mon -Fri 09:00am -04:00pm

    • Gynecology Clinic

      Mon -Fri 09:00am -04:00pm

    Clinics Winan Hospital Lagos

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